We Want What the Carney’s are Having!

rIpn8Yqi4bhs9dnhycC3AO41_400.jpgWhatever Mr. and Mrs. Carney were feeding their kids it seems to have worked! Via FishbowlDC comes word that Eagle Publishing will continue to publish Robert Novak’s Evans-Novak Political Report under the leadership of senior reporter Timothy P. Carney. Carney was apparently a protege of Novak’s; in his 2007 memoir Novak described him as “maybe my best political reporter since I began hiring them in 1982.”

For our purposes Carney also happens to be the younger brother of Dealbreaker editor in chief (and sometime FBNY numbers consultant) John Carney. (UPDATE: Apparently, there is another Carney brother, Brian, who’s the on the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal! The NYC water dept. should use the Carney’s for an ad campaign.) We asked John what exactly was in the Carney family cereal that resulted in such illustrious family accomplishments.

We were raised in a bar full of writers called The Lion’s Head, where you were judged not by the principles you held but by your ability to articulate them and defend yourself from criticism. Also we could stay up past bedtime as late as we wanted so long as we were reading.
Words to live by!