We Want A Job Where We Can Make Sh*t Up

microtrends-cover.jpgIn 2007, Mark Penn wrote Microtrends, a book examining the not-totally-universal trends that go unnoticed by larger society. He argued in the book that just one percent of America’s population—that’s three million people—is enough to start a movement or sustain a business.

The book’s paperback edition is out soon, which may explain why Penn wrote a piece published in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal examining one microtrend: he and co-author E. Kinney Zalesne argue that camping is going upscale.

We have no problem with any of this so far.

What really cracks us up is the word Penn came up with to describe this trend: “glamorous” + “camping” = you guessed it, glamping.

Does it sound more like a disease or a deep-sea fish? We’re not sure. Does it accurately describe the idea of well-to-do outdoors enthusiasts “rappelling into a hot tub” (as Penn suggests the Ritz Carlton should offer)? Not really.

Hey, honey, drop the kids off at your mom’s place this weekend. We’re going glamping.

What a killer job…coining ridiculous words and then getting paid for it.

Since we must stop this before it becomes an actual word that people use without irony or embarrassment, suggest replacements for “glamping” in the comments. You won’t get paid, because you’re not Mark Penn. Sorry.