We Want A Discount!


Are you sick of hearing that phrase? Well, get ready to hear it a lot more…The Translation Journal compiled nearly 100 ways clients ask freelancers for discounts into one handy article.

The article begins “You must give us a discount….because we are a new client.” Then it continues: “…Because we are an old client.”

…because this job is for a new client.
…because this job is for an old client.
…because last time you gave us a discount.
…because last time you didn’t give us a discount.
…because you always give us a discount.
…because you never give us a discount.
…because the other guy who translated for us always gave us a discount.
…because everybody else gives us a discount.

…because it is a huge project, including 25 languages in all and we had to bid low.
…because it was a cutthroat bid, against people who debase the market and underpay their translators and we had no alternative.
…because it is for a new client and we had to bid low to win the guys from the guys who worked for them.
…because this is for an old client and we had to bid low or lose them to the competition.
…because this is for one of our oldest clients and we have not had the courage to increase our prices.

And so on, and so on. If you didn’t need any Monday morning rage, skip the full list!