Wayback Machine: Remnants of the Last Bubble

Nothing marked the ’90s as much as the swag

Beach blowouts
Typical evening buffet at the ‘99 Internet Summit, held at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, Calif.

Desk games
Now Sun’s gone (bought by Oracle), and Facebook has claimed its old headquarters.

Publicists out of ideas
Lame and forgotten. Whoever sent this didn’t even spend the money to stamp a logo.

Douglas Coupland commissioned these to promote his 1995 Wired cover story.

Of-the-moment gifts
Cameras were once hot swag, but smartphones have made them passé. Sealed versions of this relic go for $40 on eBay.

Stupid toys
Computer network company Ciena distributed these at a telecom conference.

Infinite licensees
Maximum Charisma went all out for the only title it ever produced.

Love in the air
But was this for a dating site, a Valentine’s Day event, or something else? An archaeological mystery.

Jokey tools
Wireless email provider OmniSky launched in May ‘00. By December ‘01: bankrupt.

Licensing redux
Another from Maximum Charisma (this came with the plush doll).

Sex toys
My hazy memory is that this promoted an online safe sex campaign.

Cocky fun
Staffers from the now-defunct Industry Standard—the bubble’s bible—mug at one of their parties.

Ten-figure smiles
Steve Case and Nathan Myhrvold at John Brockman’s Billionaires Dinner in 1999.

So many goodies, there’s always a “worst of”
This seemed bottom of the barrel when you dug it out of the upscale TED gift bag.

“Fun” T-shirts
The Accelerator Group handed these out at Esther Dyson’s PC Forum, circa 2000.