Washingtonian Kills Line on Lowe’s Son

Washingtonian has its own whodunit mystery theater going on in the world of Capital Comment writer Carol Joynt. She has been inexplicably deleting items and lines — not an overwhelming amount, but one on her personal blog, another on the magazine’s website.

The latest of which occurred Monday.

On its surface, the item on Washingtonian‘s website appeared to be an innocuous item on Rob Lowe visiting Washington, where he dined with six lovely ladies at The Four Season’s Bourbon Steak. Among them was NBC “MTP” Exec. Producer Betsy Fischer, CNN’s Jessica Yellin, Lobbyist Jack Quinn’s wife, Susanna Quinn, a friend and Washington liaison to Lowe, and Washingtonian Publisher Cathy Merrill Williams.

In the next sequence of the mystery, Joynt wrote up the item and included this line: “Lowe’s son has stayed in the past at the home of Quinn and her lobbyist husband, Jack Quinn.”

But soon the line involving Lowe’s son disappeared.

We asked Joynt: “Why did you remove the line?” She declined to comment. We also wrote Washingtonian Editor Garrett Graff. So far, he’s not talking either. Lowe’s son, Matthew, spent the summer interning for House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). And yes, he bunked at the Quinn’s humble abode.

In other disappearing Joynt item news…

She recently deleted this post on Rob Meyers, President and COO of Universal Studios.

In it, she wrote in the tone she typically takes on her own blog but not on Washingtonian — which is to say,  brash, up front, candid, clearly what they don’t want her to be on the magazine’s website. The brief post links to her write-up on Washingtonian. Joynt was obviously using her personal blog to convey her “real” thoughts, and provided a more watered down version to her employer. But no doubt her bosses saw what she wrote.

“He probably could care less, and his minnions at Universal could be even less concerned, but –despite some bump bump bump — I did survive and everything turned out well. He’s probably back in La La Land with his La La posse. Seriously intense vibes aimed at us unsophisticated rubes back East. In the end, peace. Here’s my story on the Big Miracle. If Ron hates me for it, so be it. But I have no hard feelings. I enjoyed Robert Wiedmeiers delicious salmon dishes and the lovely weather.”