WaPo Outlook Loses Deputy Editor

WaPo‘s Outlook section is “completely bummed” to be losing Deputy Editor Kate Julian, which, on the bright side for some lucky journo out there means they are looking to replace her. The final date to apply is Nov. 10. Julian is taking a part-time editing position at Slate to spend more time with her 9-month-old daughter.

See the internal memo sent yesterday to WaPo staff after the jump…

We are completely bummed out to announce that Outlook deputy editor Kate Julian will be leaving us in the coming weeks to take a part-time editing gig with Slate. In her year at The Post, Kate has been a wonderful colleague, as inventive as she has been productive. She has been the creative engine behind Outlook pieces on everything from the media obsession with the Obama “narrative” to why Mad Men is the most feminist show on television to a meditation on Brett Favre’s, uh, photography hobbies. Unfortunately for us but happily for Kate, the lure of spending more time with her lovely 9-month old daughter was stronger than the fun of Outlook’s Friday night closes. At Slate, Kate will be primarily editing pieces for the site’s Double X section. We will announce proper farewell festivities soon.

Kate’s departure also means that Outlook is in the market to fill an editing position. We need a creative force with a million ideas a day and unmatched line-editing and conceptual editing skills. Candidates must relish teasing out an unexpected angle or blockbuster idea from the most mundane of news stories, be willing to cajole big-name writers into contributing to Outlook on short notice and be able to foresee what readers will be talking about—or should be talking about—next weekend, next month, next year. Team players are a must; Outlook is an entirely collaborative effort. We are eager to interview candidates from inside and outside the newsroom. If you’re interested in joining Outlook now or think you might be down the road, please contact Carlos Lozada (lozadac@washpost.com) or Peter Perl (perlp@washpost.com) by November 10.