Want to Declare Your Own Independence? Four Signs It’s Time to Resign

In the spirit of Independence Day, maybe you’re contemplating making a declaration of your own.

Whether you want to break free from a toxic relationship, a job or even modern technology, sometimes all you need to begin the departure is to recognize the warning signs.

Inspired by a post on Psychology Today, there are several ways to recognize it’s time to move on from a job…

1. Your skills are underutilized. If you’re being passed over for a promotion or attempting to take on more responsibilities and keep getting denied, it’s time to look at the message management is sending.

2. Your role is not in alignment with your passion. In the piece Lynn Taylor writes, “If you’re not doing what you love, you will never tap your true potential. It will just continue to be ‘a job,’ and eventually each day will seem more of a grind.”

She adds, “If you’ve tried re-inventing yourself at the company with a lateral move – or changing your job description to no avail – then it’s time to go back to the roots of what you love.”

3. The company is sinking. Seriously, this one says it all. If the company is scraping by and has downsized teams more than once, perhaps they’re on the verge of folding. Her advice? “There’s no need to go down with this ship. Put on your life preserver and get in the water.”

4. You’re not being paid properly. Thanks to the recession, it’s not uncommon to feel thankful for a paycheck. As soon as we remove that off the table, let’s take a closer look at compensation, shall we? Are you being paid fairly for your services? Recognized for your accomplishments via a bonus or annual salary increase (or in a best case scenario, both)?

Taylor quips: “It may be time to think green (as in more money) or make like a tree and…”