Wal-Mart Calls Hannah Montana in Mobile Deal

hannah montana_724.jpgWal-Mart and Disney have hooked up in a new marketing deal, but we can’t decide if it’s a way to push Hannah Montana merchandise or a means to guilt parents into getting their kids a cell phone.

The two industry giants are launching “free wake-up calls and customized activity reminders” from Hannah Montana, the teen pop sensation at the heart of the Disney TV series of the same name, Mobile Marketer reports.

From now through September 15, parents can sign up at the promotional Web site and then choose the date, time and one of three messages to have sent to the kid’s mobile phone. The call choices are a wake-up call, a school activity reminder and, because this is a Wal-Mart promotion, after all, a back-to-school shopping message letting the kids know about all the Hannah Montana stuff the retailer carries.