Vizio Entering the Android Phone & Tablet Markets? This Could Be Very Interesting

Do you remember the first time you noticed the Vizio label on LCD TVs? I don’t remember exactly when this was for me. But, I do recall seeing a bunch of Vizio TV sets in the local Costco, thinking they looked nice, had very aggressive pricing, and wondered “who is Vizio?”

I still don’t know much about Vizio the company. But, I do know that they have become a force to be reckoned with. They came out of nowhere and now appear to be a major player in the TV set market. So, when I read this in The Wall Street Journal, it got my attention.

Vizio Extends Battle Plan: Company to Unveil Tablet, Cellphone With Same Strategy as Its Low-Cost TVs

Vizio plans to use Google’s Android OS for their mobile devices.

– Via Phone: 4-inch display. Two cameras. HDMI port
– Via Tablet: 8-inch display. WiFi. 3 speakers. Front-facing camera. HDMI port

I like the idea of providing HDMI ports for both device types. This lets you use the devices to provide video content for TV sets (like the ones Vizio has done so well selling over the years). Very few phones have HDMI out today. I also like the possibility that the tablet will be available as a WiFi-only device. I really do not like the idea of having to buy a tablet through a mobile carrier (as with the Samsung Galaxy Tab).