Vito Acconci to Deliver New School Commencement Address

(photo Paul Ott).jpgArtists Ed Ruscha and Laurie Anderson might be collecting their honorary RISD degrees later this month in Providence, but graduates from New York’s New School also have a lot to celebrate. Six words: Vito Acconci in Madison Square Garden. The silver-tongued artist and architect will deliver the university’s commencement address this Friday afternoon, and we have faith that–having designed everything from teacups and fluorescent furniture to an Israeli garbage dump and a San Juan skateboard park–his advice for the graduates will go well beyond “Wear sunscreen.” Plus Acconci once described his voice as one that “lulls you through a dark, disturbed night….promising intimacy, sincerity, integrity, maybe some deep, dark secret.” Among the New School’s honorary degree recipients this year are urban planner Majora Carter and sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, whose work we appreciate for more than the opportunity it presents to say his name.