Virginia Quarterly Review Suspends Publication

The Virginia Quarterly Review continues its sad demise following the suicide of its managing editor Kevin Morrissey. The University of Virginia, which owns the publication, will shut VQR down while the investigation of the events leading up to Morrissey’s suicide continues.
The family of the deceased has claimed that the top editor at VQR, and Morrissey’s boss Ted Genoways bullied the former managing editor, which led to Morrissey’s decision to take his own life. Genoways has denied the accusation.

The remaining three staffers have removed their name from the magazine’s masthead, and VQR will not publish its winter issue.

“The staff has been through a lot, and they needed to step away and take some time,” said spokeswoman for UVA Carol Wood to the New York Times. “We thought it might be best for all involved on the staff to take a break and step back and wait for the conclusion of the internal review.”

UVA announced it would conduct an internal investigation into Morrissey’s death, and explore what the university could have done to prevent the troubled employee from taking his own life. VQR will remain closed until the investigation concludes.