1,500 Party Crashers Riot Over Viral Facebook Invite

Some 1,500 Germans showed up to a girl's 16th birthday party, even after she added privacy to the invitation she'd posted on Facebook; 15,000 had said they were going to attend before she changed the visibility of the invite.

What happens when a 16-year-old German teen forgets to set her Facebook privacy settings with regards to invites? Well… all party central hell breaks loose!

A young girl who is being identified as Thessa planned to get together a few close friends to celebrate her birthday at her modest Hamburg home. When she sent out the invites to her party, 15,000 folks confirmed that they would attend the gathering.

When Thessa realized that she had made a whopper of a blunder, she tried to correct her error by cancelling the party, but it was too late. More than 1,500 people showed up at the teen’s door this weekend ready to paaartaaay.

In a state of desperation, Thessa’s parents wound up calling local police and it took 100 officers, by foot and by horseback, to control the masses. Thessa and her family hightailed it out of the maddening crowd’s way.

Revelers held up signs asking, “Where is Thessa?” Some chanted, “Thessa, celebrating a birthday is not a crime.” A few even brought the girl presents and cake.

But on the flipside, there were a few chaotic incidences on the scene. “Eleven people were temporarily detained, one police officer was injured, dozens of girls wearing flip-flops cut their feet on broken glass and firefighters had to extinguish garbage can fires at the 16th birthday party in Hamburg,” the Associated Press reported, after speaking to police spokesman Mirko Streiber on Sunday.

But where did Thessa go? The sweet sixteener wound up spending a quiet birthday with her grandparents at an undiclosed location.

If you think Thessa was the first person that the Facebook invite fiasco has happened to, you’d be wrong.