VIDEO: Oh, (Media) Baby

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WARNING: Video contains explicit oatmeal consumption that is not suitable for those with sensitive stomachs (NSFTWSS)

Because we don’t discriminate against spit-up from those under the age of two, we bring you this clip of the ‘bistro’s first media baby going to town on some oatmeal while shielded in style by her bib. She goes by Lily Simone Hibbard, and proud parents Elena Vega and Justin Hibbard were introduced back in June 2000 by CEO Laurel Touby at the company’s first-ever San Francisco party.


Vega’s most recent media gig was Yoga Journal copy chief, but she reports that she left the job back in November 2004, and now watches Lily by day while moonlighting as a professional poker player(!). For his part, Hibbard recently went from Business Week reporter to financial analyst at a hedge fund.

As for Lily? Well, the media genes haven’t quite taken root yet, as Vega acknowledges that her version of “reading” entails trying to eat her books. But, we’ll give her time — and some more of that delicious oatmeal, stat, so she doesn’t turn around and start gnawing off Daddy’s arm.

Got a breakfast-lovin’ media baby of your own? Let us know!

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