Video: Alexis Ohanian Dials Up Congress at University of Nebraska

Reddit co-founder shows how easy it is to call your representative

At the Raikes School of Computer Science & Management at the University of Nebraska, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian addressed a crowd of aspiring developers and entrepreneurs to talk about his path from student to successful founder. While the speech touched on the tour's usual Internet freedom talking points, at the end of the talk Ohanian did something unusual.

"It's so easy," he said of contacting your representatives. "It can be intimidating, but these guys work for you, they really do," Ohanian told the students. Using Contact Congress, an app to get in touch with representatives, he used his current location to dial up Nebraska Rep. Jeff Fortenberry. "It's going to be awkward," Ohanian said, grinning when a student told him the representative supported SOPA's anti-piracy legislation last January. 

Here's the video of the call:

Ohanian ended the speech urging not only action, but publicity. "If you do something like this," he said, holding up his iPhone, "then tell people about it. Make sure that people know."