UPDATE: Bill Gertz

From the NY Sun:

A federal judge in California who has ordered a prominent reporter to divulge his confidential sources for an article about a spying investigation is now planning unusual and potentially open-ended questioning of the journalist’s reporting techniques, prompting concern from First Amendment advocates.

In May, Judge Cormac Carney, who sits in Orange County, ordered a national security reporter for the Washington Times, William Gertz, to appear in court and identify his sources for an article about planned charges in a case involving suspected espionage on behalf of China. The judge said the articles appeared to disclose secret grand jury information.

Lawyers for Mr. Gertz moved to quash the subpoena, arguing that no protected grand jury information was disclosed and that forcing the reporter to give up his sources could interfere with his ability to gather news. In response, Judge Carney said he plans to go forward with the hearing next week and wants to hear directly from the journalist about why confidential sources are essential to his reporting.