Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Panel

comiccon01.gif We didn’t get a photo of this panel. But we did take some notes. We actually covered it…somewhat. We might have been a little fried because it was late afternoon – early evening Saturday after 3 days of wading through the never ending nerd herd, we forgot to snap a photo of this panel.

Anyway, production designer turned director Patrick Tatopoulos was there along with writer/actor Kevin Grevioux and actors Rhona Mitra and Bill Nighy .

We were shown an ‘edgier version’ of a trailer that director underworldev.jpgTatopoulos repeatedly said was still a work in progress. The CGI wasn’t completed etc. We’re going to admit that we’ve not seen Underworld part one or two…we’ve added them in our Netflix queue. But we gathered from the trailer at Comic Con, there are vampires and werewolves and some type of epic conflict that takes about three movies to really sort out.

It was mentioned that Nighy had been in several trilogies recently. “Yes.” He said in his distinctly British tone. “I’m a vampire. I’m a zombie. I’m a squid.”

A fan asked director Tatopoulos if he liked vampires growing up and if that’s why he ‘created a vampire story because he liked them so much?’ Tatopoulos looked over at the actors and the writer. “It wasn’t me…There are so many…I just…I didn’t create it.” He responded diplomatically.

Then the moderator asked the crowd if they wanted to see the trailer again – which met with great applause. Then we watched it again. This time, we noticed the CGI. And figured out that the werewolves must be the Lycans…