UnBeige ♥ Ryan McGinness: Double Feature

UnBeige Ryan McGinness: Double Feature


My foray to midtown put me way off my blogging game yesterday, so I didn’t have a chance to make my UnBeige Ryan McGinness entry. I’ll do a little catch up by making two entries today.

This is my feed the rumor mill post: word on the street is that Ryan’s work has been included in the Greater New York exhibition that’s opening @ PS1 on March 13th. The show was a big hit back in 2000 – Being included in this exhibition is considered a high (and avidly sought after) honor for NYC-based emerging artists. The curatorial proceedings have been conducted with a secrecy one might normally associate with the Freemasons, only adding to the show’s allure.

Another tidbit circulating is that four of Ryan’s paintings have been acquired by the Norton collection, via Jeffrey Deitch in NYC. (The same gallery that will be hatching itself a new an Artstar via reality TV.)