Txt 4 Veep: Obama To Announce VP Pick Via Text Message, Email

Another sign of The Technological Times: Sen. Barack Obama announced today — via Twitter — that he would announce “the VP candidate sometime between now & the Convention by txt msg & email.”


This isn’t merely a way to practice Hip Politics. As has been reported already, the Obama campaign has made tremendous use of text message, most notably by encouraging attendees of various campaigns events to send a text message to the Obama campaign. This allows the campaign to not only increase their supporter database, but also send potential Obama voters information about voting stations, dates, times and campaign news.

Obama’s decision to announce his veep pick via text message is unique, but one has to wonder if word won’t leak out beforehand, in one of those tragically unhip, traditional mainstream media outlets.

What do you think of Obama’s move? (h/t: Stelter)

Obama To Announce Veep Pick Online
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