Two Posties Say Goodbye

The Post’s Dan Morgan and Marie Arana both said goodbye to their colleagues today. See their farewell e-mails after the jump.

From Dan Morgan:

    Subj: it’s time

    and what a time it has been!! A long arc — from a King strategy session in battened-down Jackson, Miss. (1966) to Sarah Palin’s tax returns (2008).
    A long row of stories, so many memories, and too many friendships to recount here. A special thanks to Jeff Leen for believing a series on ag could make it to A1; to Bob Kaiser for years of encouragement–from Kutuzovsky Prospekt to the appropriations committees; to Walter Pincus for teaching me how Washington worked, to Ben Bradlee for having enough faith in a 20-something greenhorn to send him to the wiles of central Europe, and to the Grahams for
    their extraordinary commitment to journalistic excellence.

    This place is now filled with the smartest, most creative, interesting group of young writers and reporters imaginable. If they can’t keep the lights on, nobody can.

    I’m staying in the neighborhood, so stay in touch …or be my “friend” on you know what.

From Marie Arana:

    Thanks to all of you for being such great colleagues and friends. I couldn’t have asked for more, and I will never forget you.

    I’m sad to leave this wonderful institution, but I won’t go far. I’ll be writing on contract for Book World and the paper, so my e-mail address stays the same.

    BW deputy editor Rachel Hartigan Shea will be in charge until my successor is chosen.

    All best wishes and muchas gracias!