Studio City Patch Columnist Will Juggle Two and a Half Men

Susan McMartin (pictured), whose weekly “Studio City Mom” column for her local Patch website is never dull and often triggers a lively comments thread, has a brand new day job.

The NYU Tisch grad, a veteran writer for such shows as Californication, Gary Unmarried, and a couple of daytime soaps has started this week as a staff writer on the revamped version of Two and a Half Men. Per her June 27th announcement:

I have been overwhelmed every week by the incredible support you have given my column. I have shared with you all my secrets, all my flaws, all my fears, all my heart…

You have walked with me through this seemingly never-ending journey of unemployment. You have lifted my spirits, given me hope, made me laugh and listened to my stories. You have helped me in more ways than you know. Strangers. Friends. Family. Even enemies… thank you.

McMartin will continue to write her Patch column, with the caveat that she will not share any sitcom set dish. The irony is that just last week, she was opining about the humiliating experience of being turned down for a job at Macy’s. As she writes at the end of this week’s missive, that’s where she returned to buy a new outfit for her sitcom gig.  Touché!