Twitter’s New Discover Tab | NYC Teacher Social Media Policy | Flickr-Pinterest Integration

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Twitter’s Redesigned Discover Tab Is Watching You (AllTwitter) Twitter announced that it has added “improved personalization algorithms and real-time indexing.” What does this mean? Through a new Discover tab, Twitter is making search more personalized (just like Google). Let us know if you like what you see or if you have any other general impressions. PC Magazine The update is currently rolling out to Web users accessing, as well as those who use the Android and iOS versions of the Twitter app. The process will take weeks, Twitter said. GigaOM Recommendation services are a little like voice-recognition, in that no one notices when you get it right but everyone hates you when you get it wrong. But more than anything else, that is what Twitter has to figure out — and soon, before someone else does it better.

Social Media Rules Limit New York Student-Teacher Contact (The New York Times) New York City public school teachers may not contact students through personal pages on websites like Facebook and Twitter, but can communicate via pages set up for classroom use, the city’s Education Department said on Tuesday after it released its first list of guidelines governing the use of social media by employees. The Wall Street Journal The Department of Education also is considering asking parents to sign consent forms before children participate in social-media activities and before their children’s work or pictures appear online, and informing parents about how social media is being used in schools. ars technica Mainly, teachers are expected to use common sense: inappropriate offline behavior would also be inappropriate online. However, teachers are being told that their interactions with students on professional social networking services will be monitored and that there is “no expectation of privacy,” and that administrators and officials should have access to the professional accounts.

China Rushes to Erase Activist From Social Media (The Associated Press) A well-known blind activist’s escape from house arrest in China has set off a cat-and-mouse conflict on the Internet between censors and netizens. As word of Cheng Guangcheng’s flight surfaced and spread last Friday, admirers rushed to popular Chinese social media to cheer him on — and the censors swung into action to block key phrases. (Note: According to a report by The New York Times on Tuesday, Guangcheng is now in a Beijing, China, medical facility).

Flickr Launches Deep Integration with Pinterest (The Verge) Flickr users are now able to share photos directly to Pinterest thanks to a new collaboration between the two photo-sharing services. Any images that are sent to Pinterest from Flickr will keep the attribution for the photographer no matter how many times it gets repinned and will also add the photographer’s details to any images hosted on Flickr that have simply been added using the URL.

Bo Obama Becoming Social Media Star (The Hill) Dogs have played a high-profile role in the presidential election for the first few months of 2012, and President Obama’s campaign is keeping family dog Bo front and center with campaign ads, official merchandise and social media.

Twitter Is Exploring a Premium Version, CEO Suggests (Mashable) Twitter might be developing a premium version of its service, CEO Dick Costolo indicated on stage at Wired‘s business conference in New York City Tuesday afternoon. An audience member asked Costolo whether Twitter would ever introduced a “pro” version for individual users. Costolo refused to confirm that Twitter was working to develop one, but did suggest that it was an idea the company was exploring.

False Start? Olympic Organizers Say Photo Uploads are Allowed (paidContent) Olympics organizers have taken to social media to say spectators can upload photos from this summer’s London games venues, despite guidance that has been interpreted to the contrary.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Talks Organ Donation With Diane Sawyer (AllFacebook) In the evening portion of Facebook’s program to introduce its organ-donation initiative, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg spoke with Diane Sawyer for an interview on ABC News’ “World News.” Sandberg told Sawyer: “Our dream is to save lives … If enough people register and enough people start donating, this is a problem that we could dramatically decrease. The organ-donation crisis is not a medical crisis, it’s a social crisis. It’s a solvable problem with existing technology. These patients don’t have to die if enough people donate.”

Google Graduates Automatic Email Translation Feature From Gmail Labs, Expels Old Snakey And Others (TechCrunch) In 2009, Google brought its translation feature to Gmail as a Gmail Labs experiment. Almost exactly two years after it first launched, this feature is finally graduating from Gmail Labs. Starting in the next few days, you will see an option to “Translate message” in the header at the top of every message that is written in a foreign language.