Twitter Releases Native Windows 8 App

Twitter has created an app for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and unlike releasing the an adapted iOS app, which is often the case when apps spin out to a new operating system, Twitter has rebuilt the new app from the ground up to support the Microsoft Surface.

The app includes some basics like the home screen, the connect, discover and me tabs, but it also includes five new features which are exclusive to the Microsoft operating system. This includes a new photo tool that lets users view and swipe between photo galleries, and a feature called share charm, which lets you share content from any app on the device to Twitter. There is also a search charm feature designed for searching tweets from any app.

Perhaps one of the most unique features is snap view, a tool that lets you use another app alongside Twitter. Here is more from the Twitter blog: “Snap Twitter into the left or right side of the screen and then start using another app. You’ll be able to keep up with the conversations that are happening on Twitter while you watch a streaming video or read a news story. With snap view, you can adjust the size of the app to one-third, two-thirds or full screen.”