Twitter Gets the Apple Treatment

In its four years of existence, Twitter has moved from a sketch on creator Jack Dorsey’s legal pad to a household name that grabs 300,000 new users each day. But now it has really “made it” as Big Money blogger Steve Spillman will detail the company’s every move in a new blog.
Named Re:Tweet, it’s not looking to chronicle what type of nail polish users have decided to use on Fridays. Instead, Spillman will report on the company’s plans and movements as it tries to find revenue streams. Here’s what he says in his first post:

“Twitter is teetering at the precarious junction between cultural powerhouse and business-to-be, with a dizzying ecosystem of developers, competitors, and influential users. They’ve all been reported on separately, in specific contexts. Re:Tweet will focus on Twitter as the unique synthesis of all of these parts.”

Apple, Facebook and Wal-Mart, among other organizations, all have blogs that document the companies’ news. It seems only fitting that Twitter has one too.