Turner Duckworth Redesigns Metallica, Creates Deadly Album Packaging


We don’t get to report too often on Metallica news because, well, why would we? But today is that once-every-decade occasion, so let’s roll with it. The design firm Turner Duckworth has put up a little info on their working with the band in both creating the unique packaging for their new album, as well as tweaking their iconic logo (large images here). While the logo redesign isn’t that dramatic (as this writer has never been much of a fan of the band, he couldn’t even tell much of a difference), the album packaging is fun and clever, with a hole in the middle running through the whole deal. Here’s a bit:

With the growth of downloading, Metallica were looking for a package that would rekindle interest in CDs. But with the consolidation of music sales in the US into a few national retailers (WalMart, Target, Best Buy) the package had to conform to highly limiting standards. Turner Duckworth’s answer was to create an iconic, three dimensional package using a powerful image and an ingenious layered die cut. As Lars Ulrich put it, “We got ourselves a very unique package.”