Tucker On Ron Paul Event: “This is crazy. I’ve got to get out of here. Let’s go get dinner.”

Tucker Carlson was picked to emcee the Ron Paul convention in St. Paul. But he didn’t last long.

From The Weekly Standard:

    Backstage afterwards, Ventura is further holding court for reporters, after having hinted to the crowd that he might be amenable to a presidential run in 2012 if the Revolution stays on track. “I will be watching!” he threatened.

    Tucker hadn’t heard the speech, so I break the news to him that Ventura got off his leash. Being a devout believer in the conventional, single-bullet version of the 9/11 attacks (that the terrorists acted alone), Tucker is both alarmed and offended, but doesn’t have much time to reflect. He is accosted by some grubby indie-media types who start trying to engage him: “Have you ever heard of the Controlled Demolition Hypothesis ….Who I believe did it are the ones who control our money systems … Have you followed the [National Institute of Standards and Technology] report on the collapse of building seven?”

    After a brief sparring match with the nutcakes, Tucker looks ashen. “This is crazy. I’ve got to get out of here. Let’s go get dinner.” We slip out the back door of the arena to hail a cab and get some steaks. But Tucker’s still supposed to be emceeing the event, and Paul has yet to speak.

    “Are you going to tell him you’re leaving?” I ask.

    “Nahhh,” Tucker says. “I really like Ron Paul. I don’t want to hurt his feelings.”