Trumpwatch: 8.31.2015 Ramos: Trump is ‘Dangerous’

Trump called Anthony Weiner a "perv."

It was a big weekend for Donald Trump coverage.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos appeared on ABC’s This Week and, once again, discussed his removal from a Trump news conference. Ramos told Martha Raddatz Trump is “promoting in his speeches bigotry and hatred against immigrants and Latinos,” and that such rhetoric is “dangerous.”

The candidate spent the weekend in New England, where he told crowds that building a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border will be “easy”, and offered his reasoning to doubters: “The Great Wall of China is 13,000 miles. This wall is 2,000.”

Trump also called Huma Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner a “perv” and insinuated that Abedin shared secret information with Weiner during her time at the State Department.

Just another day in the life.