Tribune’s Michaels Is Still Working

Randy Michaels, the former DJ and chief executive of Tribune Co., is still working as the day ends on Tuesday despite reports that he would be asked to resign.

The Los Angeles Times, a Tribune paper, reported earlier today that Michaels has not been asked to leave—at least, he wasn’t after a midmorning board meeting.

“I work here today, and I’m still working,” he told the LAT.

Tribune’s board members issued a statement that did not address the Michaels rumor, instead reading:
“Tribune’s board of directors is focused on filing the company’s plan of reorganization this Friday and has no comment on any other issue.”

But, the LAT says, “ources said board members were concerned that Michaels had publicly embarrassed an iconic Chicago institution, made many of its employees uncomfortable and had aggravated an already torturous 22-month-old bankruptcy process at a highly delicate stage.”

We’re staying on this story and will let you know as soon as we hear more.