Treach Gets Out of Surgery – Again

This morning The Daily Caller released this update on blogger Jim Treacher, who got out of knee surgery last evening. As many know, the blogger whose real name is Sean Medlock, was struck by a State Department employee’s SUV back in February. At the time, the blogger was issued a jay walking citation as he waiting in his hospital bed awaiting treatment for a broken knee. Treach is well enough to be blog briefly about his experience. Read that here. It includes a picture of his incision — but don’t worry, he says, it’s not that gross (picture above).

Hello to Friends of Treacher,

Just wanted to drop you all a line and let you know that Treacher got out of surgery yesterday evening and is doing well. As some of you may know, Treacher was hit by a car back in January, obliterating his knee. His recovery from the original surgery was rocky at best and he ended up needing a more complicated surgery involving cadaver bone. Last night, his operation to have his knee reconstructed went very well and while he’s in pain this morning, he appears to be in better spirits.