Nathan Lump Wants to Go to Lapland

Travel + Leisure editor shares his Bucket List destination.

On the left of each slide show page, a gorgeous vista from Getty Images; on the right, the confessions of a magazine staffer. Welcome to “The Ultimate Travel + Leisure Bucket List.”


Following the preferred destinations of online photo coordinator Erin Fagerland and research assistant Laura Itzkowitz, Travel + Leisure editor Nathan Lump helps lead things off. His finger points on the map to “Lapland in Winter:”

At the top of my bucket list is a trans-national winter journey through Lapland [Finland], taking in the snowy wonderland of a landscape, seeing the Northern Lights and immersing myself in Sami culture.

The 41-page slide show is both a clever way to acquaint readers with T+L staff and a dynamic, fresh framework for familiar travel destinations. One of the funniest choices belongs to Jacqueline Gifford, senior editor, travel and beauty. Befitting her last name and the place her husband’s family left for New York in the 1760s, she wants to go to the small Scottish town of Gifford.

Well done, Travel + Leisure.