Top Emerging Android Apps: Security, Music & Games Appear

The top paid, free, and grossing Android apps lists continue to fluctuate this week as we focus in on new and newly updated titles. That in mind, the majority of top applications highlighted today are those in the latter category, having been updated just this month and run the gamut of categories, from games to security software.

New Titles Within Top Android Paid Apps List

SoundHoundSoundHound — The first highlight of the day is an application by the name of SoundHound. Costing $4.99, the app is #9 on the top paid Android apps list, and also has a free version ranked on the top free charts at #18. The app allows users to quickly identify music by merely holding their handset up to a speaker. Once identified, lyrics and artist information are provided. It’s last update was August 11th, and contained general fixes and stability improvement, thus its traffic has fluctuated frequently over the past 30 days. SoundHound is credited to SoundHound Inc., a San Jose, California-based company whose apps center around music recognition and span Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

ADWLauncher EX — In at #10 is another older application, ADWLauncher EX. Updated just August 16th, fixing an Android 3.2 incompatibility issue, the app has grown slightly in recent days. Costing $3.32, ADWLauncher allows users to replace and customize their Android home screen. It is developed by AnderWeb, the developer credited to 13 other ADW Android applications.

Spirit HD — Moving down to #18 comes the game Spirit HD at $1.30. Last updated August 11th, the title has risen dramatically in recent time due to a 50 percent mark down in price. The app is a Geometry Wars-style arcade game, developed by Marco Mazzoli (though it is credited to the company name of “Jakyl“), in which players attempt to remove multi-hued enemies by encircling them and forming temporary black holes.

Fishin 2Fishin’ 2 Go (FULL) — Fishin’ 2 Go (FULL) is an August 13th-updated title that allows players to turn their Android device into a virtual fishing rod and fish using its accelerometer. The recent update, added in 10 new species of fish to catch as well as the ability to unlock all fishing locations in-game. The developer behind the $2.25 game is noted to be CyxB, an enigmatic outfit whose only other Android IP is Sea Shooter.

MyBackup Pro — The last highlighted top paid Android app comes in the form of MyBackup Pro. Ranked at #26, the title does what its name suggests, which is backup everything on an Android device, ranging from applications and photos to call logs and system settings. Holding a fairly steady install rate in recent days, its last update was August 7th. The company behind MyBackup Pro is Rerware LLC, whose backup software can also restore data from Windows Mobile, Symbian, and BlackBerry on an Android handset.

New Titles Within Top Android Free Apps List

Music DownloadMusic Download — Moving into the top free Android apps list, the first highlight of the day, Music Download, comes in at #11. Updated August 17th, this simple application allows users to search for and download music and lyrics. Hosting rapid growth over the past few days, Music Download is credited to a developer by the name of Liu Xuan. Unfortunately, no further information is provided and Music Download is Liu Xuan’s only noted Android title.

Drag Racing — Creative Mobile has been an Android developer since the operating system first came about, and is the company behind the #15 app, Drag Racing. The game is described as a realistic racing title in which players can compete with over 50 different types of vehicles. Last updated August 12th, with general fixes, the game has risen steadily the in the past month, and was also featured on the top grossing Android apps list last week.

TuneIn Radio — Coming in at #19 is another music-oriented application, the older title of TuneIn Radio. As the name denotes, the app is a mobile radio app in which users can listen in on local, global, or Internet radio stations. An older app, it was recently updated on August 10th to incorporate social sharing (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) and the ability to add songs to presets with quicker access to purchasing. TuneIn Inc. is the noted developer, and it is a California-based company that provides access to over 50,000 radio stations around the globe through mobile, web, and home entertainment products.

Scrabble FreeScrabble Free — Next up is a familiar face: Scrabble Free, from international games developer and publisher Electronic Arts. The game is the digital version of the well-known tabletop board game of the same name, allowing users to play against each other in real time. Ranked in at #20, the game has risen dramatically since its August 1st update, which added support for tablet resolutions. It is also worth noting that Scrabble Free is cross-platform and players can compete against one another whether they are on Android or iOS.

Flash Player — Adobe SystemsFlash Player is the app needed for Android users that wish to browse all of the web’s Flash content. That in mind, the traffic for Flash Player has spiked significantly due to its 10.3 update on August 9th. Beyond general enhancements, the update also provided several security fixes. Flash Player is currently ranked at #21.

New Titles Within Top Android Grossing Apps List

Big Time GangstaBig Time Gangsta — Publicly traded Glu Mobile is the veteran Android and iOS developer behind the #8 top grossing Android application, Big Time Gangsta. The game is a social title in which players build out their own street gang, perform jobs, and gun down the competition as they work their way up the criminal ladder. Free-to-play, the game monetizes through in-app purchases. Though the title dipped in installs recently, it has picked up again due to an August 11th content update with new maps, bosses, and characters. Big Time Gangsta has also been featured on the top iOS charts as well.

My Country — In at #9 is the newest title from Russian developer Game Insight, My Country. Already updated on August 10th with minor content, the game is a business sim in which players build out and manage an entire country, including population, jobs, ecology, and transportation. Free-to-play, the game monetizes through in-app purchases and is rapidly closing the gap between itself and Game Insight’s top title, Paradise Island. Game Insight was founded two years ago and has stated that Paradise Island makes just over $1 million a month.

Norton Mobile Security LITE — With more and more malware sprouting up on Android, it’s not surprising to see security apps rise. At #10 is Norton Mobile Security LITE. Developed by digital security company Symantec Corp., the app provides virus and malware protection for one’s Android phone. Additionally, its full version provides anti-theft protection, allowing users to remotely locate, lock, and wipe their phone should it be stolen. The app was last updated August 14th.

GeocachesGeocaching — Groundspeak is a company out of Seattle, Washington that creates games and applications that utilize GPS technology. One such app is the #36 ranked title, Geocaching. In the app, players search out real world locations for hidden objects called “geocaches.” Essentially, it is an Android-powered scavenger hunt. The application was last updated August 9th and costs $9.99. Nevertheless, its number of installs has begun declining in recent days.

Pocket Legends — The last highlight of the day comes in at #42. Pocket Legends was last updated August 5th and is a free-to-play mobile massively multiplayer online role playing game. Developed by Spacetime Studios, Pocket Legends puts players into a fantasy world as one of three standard RPG character classes (archer, mage, warrior) and allows them to work together to defeat monsters across several different environments. As a freemium game, it monetizes through the sale of virtual currency.