Twitter Best For Brands, 10 Newbie Lessons & Chasing Facebook: Top 10 Twitter Stories Of The Week

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes research on Twitter’s position within the world map of social media, 10 lessons for Twitter newcomers, an amazing look at what happens on the internet every 60 seconds, advice on getting the best from your Twitter bio and great news for brands and marketers looking to promote their products and services on Twitter.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. Facebook Is King, But Twitter Chasing As Dominant Social Network Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Vincenzo Cosenza has been updating his World Map Of Social Networks since June 2009, which tracks the dominant social networks on a country-by-country basis. Cosenza has just published his latest infographic and, as you would expect, the social world is dominated by Facebook. But there’s good news for Twitter, too, as additional data confirms that the microblogging network is now the number two social network on the planet.

2. 10 Must-Learn Lessons For Twitter Newbies

When you’re new, Twitter takes a lot of work and has a bit of a steep learning curve. It can be a pretty scary place on day one. There are all those confusing characters and symbols, strange, shortened links, pressure to follow people you don’t know and so many daunting acronyms and buzz words. And what in blue blazes is a hashtag!?

3. Things That Happen On The Internet Every 60 Seconds [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that every 60 seconds Twitter sees (on average) more than 98,000 tweets? And that over 320 new users register on the network each and every minute? Impressive as that data might seem, Twitter’s numbers are actually pretty slight compared to other internet powerhouses such as Google, Facebook and Skype. Want to blow your mind? Take a look at this fantastic infographic, courtesy of the web designers at, which summarises all the things that happen on the internet in just 60 seconds.

4. 3 Key Items You Can’t Afford To Leave Out Of Your Twitter Bio

When people sign up for Twitter, the first thing on their mind is usually not their bio. They leave it blank, or hammer out a sentence or two about their love of their two dogs, and move on to the good stuff: tweeting, following, discovering what influence means, learning how to retweet. But if you leave your bio only half finished, you’re not optimizing your Twitter presence. Here are three things you can’t afford to leave out of your Twitter bio if you want to target the right audience, grow your follower count, and network with interesting people.

5. Customers Prefer Twitter To Facebook For Brand Product News, Support And Purchases [STUDY]

Web traffic analytics service recently published the results of a field survey that looked to determine how consumers are using social media, and how that behaviour impacts on their interaction with brands. The study revealed some interesting data about Twitter, including how users of the microblogging platform are more likely to engage through a mobile device and post updates whilst watching TV shows. More importantly for marketers, Twitter beats both Facebook and LinkedIn as a medium for engaging with brands, notably for product news and that all-important end purchase.

6. Now Gives You At Least 7 Extra Characters When You Tweet A Link

If you tweet a link from and use the new official Twitter URL shortener, that link will be shortened right there within the “What’s Happening” box. But a little-known feature of this new shortening service is that it will remove the http:// from your tweet, giving you an extra seven characters.

7. More Than 1 Million People Per Week View Customer Service Tweets [STUDY]

A new study from TOA Technologies reveals that more than one million people view tweets related to customer service every week and that more than 80% of those tweets are of a critical or negative nature.

8. Pro Is Now Free! Get Your Custom Short Domain Today

If you’ve ever wanted a vanity URL – like or – to share your links on Twitter now’s your chance., the most popular URL shortener out there, has just opened up its Pro offerings to everyone, free of charge. And that means that you can grab your own custom domain (and domain tracker) and hook it up to to strut your Twitter stuff.

9. Don’t Like HootSuite’s New “Publisher” Dashboard? Here Are 5 Simple Tools To Schedule Your Tweets

Yesterday, HootSuite rolled out its new “Publisher” feature that would, supposedly, make it easier to schedule and manage your tweets from multiple Twitter accounts and with multiple team members. However, as we pointed out yesterday, it alsobroke scheduled tweets and is causing a headache for many social media managers. If you’ve had problems with HootSuite’s scheduling lately, or you just want to tuck away some alternatives for a rainy day, here are 5 other ways you can schedule your tweets.

10. 3 Ways To Crowdsource Killer Content Using Twitter’s Advanced Search

Bloggers and other content creators, rejoice: Twitter has the ultimate solution to banish writer’s block. If you’re ever stuck for an idea for your next blog post or article, we’ve got three ways you can use Twitter’s advanced search to come up with killer content that is timely, relevant and specific to your niche.

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