Biz Quits, Pope Tweets, The Global Pulse & 200M Tweets A Day: Top 10 Twitter Stories Of The Week

Need a little weekend reading? We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes tips on making sure your Twitter profile is secure (and how to be more responsible), advice on managing your Twitter feeds, some incredible videos showing Twitter’s reaction to the Japanese earthquake in March, the main reason users follow brands online and a new tweets-per-day milestone for Twitter.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week:

1. Do You Know Who Has Access To Your Twitter Account? Check Your Application Settings

When was the last time you checked your Twitter application settings? We bet it’s been a while. It’s not a bad idea to take a look at who you’ve given permission to, as these applications may be able to read, write and even access your direct messages.

2. How to Manage and Filter Your Twitter Feeds

One of the biggest complaints heard when teaching people how to use Twitter is that they have trouble following everything that’s going on. There is so much information coming at them, it’s overwhelming and they can’t keep it all straight. Even for seasoned pros, the more peeps you’re following, the longer and more cluttered your feeds can be. How do you streamline everything?

3. The Global Pulse Of Twitter [VIDEO]

This week the official Twitter blog shared a couple of incredible videos that detailed Twitter’s global pulse, and the way it moves and grows, particularly in light of the role that the network plays in coverage of major world events such as the 2010 World Cup, the royal wedding and the March 11 earthquake in Japan.

4. 43.5 Percent Of Twitter Users Will Follow Your Brand If You Offer Special Deals [INFOGRAPHIC]

Surprise, surprise: people are looking for deals online. According to a new infographic, nearly half of Twitter users say their number one reason for following a brand’s account is to find out about deals or special offers.

5. 7 Ways To Tell If You’re Being Responsible On Twitter

Managed correctly, Twitter allows anyone – massive brands, start-ups, entrepreneurs, mom-and-pop businesses and pretty much everybody else – to build an engaged and receptive network with whom you can share your story. Everybody has something to say. Twitter allows you to do this, as often as you like, with some satisfaction and often great reward. That time shouldn’t be wasted, but it also shouldn’t be abused. With Twitter’s great power comes great responsibility.

6. Twitter Now Seeing 200 Million Tweets Per Day [REPORT]

In January 2009, Twitter users were sending two million tweets per day. A year ago, 65 million. In April of this year, that number was up to 155 million. Well, put a note in your calendar, because as of June 2011, Twitter is now seeing an incredible 200 million tweets each and every day.

7. The Pope Sends His First Tweet [VIDEO]

The Vatican is really getting on board with social media. They’ve had a Twitter account for some time now, and this week saw the very first tweet sent by the Pope himself.

8. McDonald’s $80,000 Twitter Ad Spend That Failed

Yet another Twitter ad purchase has gone awry for mega-fast food chain McDonald’s. Today the company purchased two promoted trends: #ANewMcDFavorite and #LoveMcDsSmoothies. The hashtags themselves appear pretty innocuous, and they’re promoting a new fun, summer smoothie. However, the Twitterverse wasn’t so happy to hear from everyone’s favorite yellow arches, and the backlash makes us wonder whether the $80,000+ ad spend was worth it.

9. Twitter Hires 73 New People In A Month, Closes In On 600 Employees

In late May we reported on how Twitter was on the verge of hiring its 500th employee, which meant that in just two years the company had expanded significantly from its May 2009 roster of 69 members of staff. As of today that total is up to 572. That’s right – Twitter has recruited 73 new people in just one month.

10. Advanced Twitter Terminology To Get You Tweeting Like A Pro

If you’ve mastered the ability to condense your thoughts into 140 characters and have @reply conversations with people on Twitter, it’s time you stepped up your game and learned some of the more advanced Twitter terminology.

Also this week: Twitter co-founder Biz Stone announced he was leaving the company to work on other projects, and Twitter launched their new Twitter For Newsrooms service.

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