Top 10 Stop-Motion Artists Doing Brilliant Work for Brands on Vine

Throwing the industry for a loop

Pause your day, and take a look—or three or four—at these brilliantly crafted Vines. Marketers are finding a way to tap into the short-form nature of the medium by working with Viners who have found success creating carefully edited works.

"Stop motion animation has become an incredibly attractive way of advertising for brands and marketers who are increasingly turning to micro advertisements to reach mobile users," explained Rob Fishman, co-founder of the technology platform Niche.

Niche connects social media content creators on 19 different platforms (including Facebook, YouTube, Vine and Instagram) with brands. The company compiled the list after considering the number of followers each Vine user had and the number of branded engagements they produced. Not all the ad work had to be set up through the Niche platform to be considered.

Fishman added that while a single six-second stop motion Vine may take days to make, it's extremely successful at condensing a big idea into a short, whimsical piece. Because they are so truncated, it makes it easier to share, which is why these ads have life on other social media platforms as well.

1. Jethro Ames
Followers: 39,800
Total number of loops: 2,025,750
Below: Work for Hewlett-Packard (164,550 loops)

2. Frank Danna
Followers: 10,900
Total number of loops: 785,705
Below: Work for Jack in the Box (39,950 loops)

3. Gentleman Jack
Followers: 50,700
Total number of loops: 4,914,170
Below: Work for BMW i USA (7,500 loops)

4. Ian Padgham
Followers: 359,800
Total number of loops: 52,146,125
Below: Work for Home Depot (201,175 loops)

5. Meagan Cignoli
Followers: 509,700
Total number of loops: 68,822,060
Below: Work for Toaster Strudel (83,180 loops)

6. Hunter Harrison
Followers: 28,800
Total number of loops: 3,965,205
Below: Work for Samsung (196,730 loops)

7. Marc Morgan (Vanilla Gorilla)
Followers: 35,500
Total number of loops: 3,664,490
Below: Work for Blue Apron (12,950 loops)

8. Pinot
Followers: 305,300
Total number of loops: 18,405,368
Below: Work for Samsung (175,040 loops)

9. David Schwen
Followers: 745
Total number of loops: 6,057
Below: Work for Yoplait (170 loops)

10. Kaif
Followers: 178,800
Total number of loops: 28,200,995
Below: Work for Whisper (454,000 loops)