Tony Snow’s Last Day

The Post’s Michael Fletcher looks at Snow’s final itinerary from last week:

    White House press secretary Tony Snow spent his last day on the job doing what he likes to do — talking. He went on five network morning shows, then held forth at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with a couple dozen reporters at the Sofitel Hotel. When he left the West Wing for the last time as press secretary on Friday, a group of hundreds of White House aides surprised him on West Executive Avenue with rousing and emotional applause led by chief of staff Joshua B. Bolten.

    Snow had the kind of celebrity that none of his predecessors achieved. And he confessed that there was a part of him intrigued at the thought of running for public office himself. But then he ruled it out. “No, no,” he told the Monitor breakfast. “And I will not deny that it has its attraction. But no. For family reasons, I just can’t do it. Look, I’ve got cancer. I want to fight cancer and spend time with my family.”

    Instead, Snow told us, he plans to do some public speaking, work with charitable organizations and write at least two books, one about politics and another about “healing and faith.”