Tom Green Invades the SModcastle

Have you heard of the SModcastle? Located in the heart of L.A.’s theater district at 6468 Santa Monica Blvd., it is a wired corner of The Complex billed as “the world’s first podcast theater,” and it is where comedian Tom Green ventured Tuesday night, October 12th to tape a podcast interview with fellow funnyman Hal Sparks.

Despite a relatively low mainstream media profile these days, the Canadian trailblazer and one-time hubby of actress Drew Barrymore is all over the “Internets”, continuing to stream an online talk show from his Hollywood Hills home and trying his hand at other new media experiences like a (second) evening at the SModcastle. We have a feeling that one of these days, a cable network or bigger online streaming hub is going to once again catch up to Green’s antics, assuming of course the comedian is interested.

In the meantime, it’s well worth venturing over to the funhouse that is Green’s website. He has been on a comedy stand-up tour all year and shares for example a typically ragged FOX 9 TV appearance that took place last Friday in Minneapolis. Apparently, Green spent the night prior to the interview at the Mall of America, sleeping under an amusement park ride.

Up next for Green on the touring schedule is what should be a series of joyous performances in Ontario, Canada, beginning with an October 21st stint in his hometown of Ottawa. The podcast with Sparks is scheduled to be available online later today.