To Catch A Preditor, Use An Imaginator

Earlier we told you about the “Imaginator” Tribune Co. is seeking for one of its stations in Houston. Now, via Tribune’s job board, we’ve found another gig for an aspiring newser: a “preditor,” or “producer/editor.”

The gig appears to be in Chicago, not Houston, but it borrows some language from the earlier listing—like you must have a “fiery passion to help re-invent the ’80’s rooted, focus-grouped, yuppie anchors and a news desk, super Doppler ultra weather style” and you’re “in sync with the pulse of the streets.”

But where an imaginator apparently needs to “think in stereo and live in color” a preditor should be an “earbud wearing, app downloading, rss reading, podcast playing, text messaging, flip-flop wearing professional of any age or sex, with a real-world education, interests that are anything but mainstream, and the ability to translate your bent outlook onto the TV screen.”

Once again, newsroom experience doesn’t matter, says the company. They want anti-establishment preditors, people.

If this gig interests you, you can apply on Tribune’s web site.