Tiffany Stone vs. Candace Bushnell

tas.jpgRaconteur/ FishbowlLA muse Tiffany Stone takes on the ‘Sex and the City’ progenitor today:

Candace Bushnell AKA creator of ‘Sex and the City’ was on some Scottish guy’s late night show. I’ve only read print interviews with her, so I decided to check her out. I did not find her endearing like I found the character “Carrie” who was based on her in “Sex and the City”. She mentioned that there was some interest in people doing a reality show starring her. Hmm… not if she says insulting things like:

“Why do Americans only have champagne for special occasions? It’s so boring. In Europe people drink champagne all the time! I was just in London and was offered champagne everywhere I went.”

Blah, blah, blah–Who ever came up with that not-quite-amusing anecdote should be fired.

That’s Tiffany Stone, standing up for Americans and our right to drink champagne only on occasion. Watch this girl.