Three Ways to Break Bad Email Habits

no emailAh, work emails. We certainly can’t live without them and thanks to this post on U.S. News & World Report, there are several ways ditch old habits you may have somehow settled into.

1. Waiting. If you’ve ever received an email that requires research on your part, you’re not alone. If you don’t email the sender back to let him or her know that you won’t have the information until next week, that’s problematic.

In the piece Alison Green writes, “Do this repeatedly, and you’ll create a reputation for yourself as slow to get back to people.” Her solution? Send a quick email indicating you’ll have the answer in a few days. This way you won’t leave anyone hanging.

2. Sending out “gentle reminders.” Please don’t be that guy or gal. If you’re reminding the recipient of something and use that phrase, they may be turned off by your gingerly approach. No need to soften the message — simply write “reminder” instead.

3. Responding to a serious or sensitive email with only “OK.” In the piece Green points out there are times when a reply of “OK” is understandable but if your boss is emailing you about a sensitive issue, you’ll “come across as inappropriately flippant or curt.”