Three New Senior Execs and a Promotion at Magazine Publishers of America

mpa08252010.pngThe Magazine Publishers of America has announced that it’s hired three new executives as it undergoes a “significant repositioning.”

• Francis Costello, a veteran of digital and print communications firm RR Donnelley, is the new executive vice president and general manager. The newly created role consolidates financial, membership and consumer marketing activities.

• Andrew Jung is now executive vice president and chief marketing officer. He’ll be promoting magazines on behalf of the magazine industry. He has worked with Kellog’s, the cereal company, as an advertising director and served on the board of the Ad Council.

• Christopher Kevorkian is the new executive vice president for digital. In this role he’ll be helping the magazine industry expand onto digital platforms. He’s worked at American Business Media, Time Inc. and Good Housekeeping.

Also, a promotion:

• Howard Polskin is now executive vice president for communications and events.

(h/t Folio:)

“We’ve promoted Howard in recognition of the key role he’s played positioning MPA and magazine media on both print and digital platforms in the strongest possible light,” said Ms. Link. “In particular, he drove several key MPA initiatives including the inception and growth of MPA’s annual 24/7 digital conference, MPA’s first e-reading event and MPA’s digital awards.” In the past year, the Communications Department, under Polskin, Link noted, created a robust e-reading section with several exclusive features including The ERB (E-Reading Blog), which contains daily updates about how developments in the mobile e-reading space impact magazine publishers.

Polskin, who was previously MPA Senior Vice President/Communications & Events, is responsible for MPA’s corporate communications activities, MPA’s website, MPA’s Daily News Roundup and the Information Services Department. He will also oversee MPA events.