Three Hiring Tips for New Bosses

successIf you’re a new manager, congratulations! You now have more responsibilities, more visible opportunities and oh yes, a bigger paycheck.

If you’re in the position to make some hires, it’s not always wise to just go with your gut while making hiring decisions. Fortunately, there are several ways to get your recruiting mojo on to make a good move, according to a piece on Brazen Careerist.

1. Find an excellent candidate. If you want to find an ideal candidate, you’ll be looking for a long time. Let’s face it – nobody’s perfect. Per the piece though you can start by searching in your own network with a detailed job description. The piece points out, “While you don’t want to poach an employee from someone in your network, you can use your network as a source for referrals.”

2. Make an offer. A lot of managers squander time if they meet a stellar candidate and then shop around by interviewing more candidates that don’t even compare to that first one.

It’s like real estate: if you find a house that’s incredible would you make an offer that day or wait and attend several other open houses only to make an offer on that first one? Our point exactly. The more you wait, the more time elapses for the incredible candidate to get job offers by other companies who aren’t hesitant about making an offer.

3. Don’t trust your instincts. Yes, your gut can fail you if you rely on it for recruiting purposes alone. Ask behavioral-based questions such as, “Name a time when a project didn’t go as planned. What was the situation and how did you handle it?” By asking candidates about previous performance and specific situations, you’ll gain insight to their capabilities for future similar situations.

Yes, the vibe you get from a candidate counts and so does your observation of his or her soft skills and body language but be sure you’re officially interviewing a candidate with behavioral questions.