This Week In Pool Reports

Don’t call Bush a lame duck. Call him “first among equals”. More of the week’s adventures in the West Wing after the jump…

  • “Talking to reporters before they were ushered into the POTUS-Singh meeting, Dana Perino demanded an apology from Sen. Barbara Boxer. At a press conference Tuesday, Boxer accused Perino of lying last fall when she told reporters that climate change testimony had been redacted at the request of scientists. Perino said her version of events had been backed up by former White House science adviser John Marburger. … She also defended yesterdays G8 agreement on climate change. What the G8 did was quite significant. For environmental groups it will never be enough.” — Paul Wiseman, USA Today

  • There was no hint in the group dynamics that other G8 leaders were treating POTUS as a lame duck. Quite the opposite. The body language suggested he was still first among equals. Sarkozy, Berlusconi in particular appeared eager to chat along the way. … Then they lined up for the cameras. POTUS in between Fukoda and Medvedev. POTUS and the others waved intermimttently at the cameras, then left back for the hotel.” — Krishna Guha, Financial Times

  • Berlusconi caught sight of an excitable gaggle of hotel staff jumping and waving at a second floor window. He dragged Sarkozy back and started blowing kisses at the window. POTUS and the others waved too. Then back into the hotel for the G8 working lunch.” — Guha, Financial Times

  • After back to back pool events, including a gaggle, whose transcript you should have received, your pooler was forced to ditch the entertainment early in order to make deadline for the people who actually pay her salary. The following pool report is cobbled together from my own work, as well as the work of photographers and the ever generous Roger Runningen of Bloomberg, who watched the outside entertainment for me.” — Sheryl Stolberg, New York Times

  • “The evening began with photos of the leaders greeting Prime Minister and Mrs. Fukuda, who stood in the the lobby of the Windsor. Photographers standing in a balcony shouted out to each of the leaders, eliciting a wave from President Sarkozy of France after many shouts of ‘Mssr. President, s’il vous plait!’ But the English version — Mr. Presidnet, up here! — failed to move George W. Bush. After descending the staircase with Mrs. Bush, who was clad in black pants and top with a silvery, sparkly necklace draped around her neck, the president took his pictures and refused to look up or acknowledge the shouts.” — Stolberg

  • “The photo took place in front of a tree on which the leaders placed their wishes for hte G8. Here is POTUS’ wish, as provided by the White House: ‘I wish for a world free from tyranny: the tyrrany o fhunger, disease and free from tyrannical governments. I wish for a world in which the universal desire for liberty is realized. I wish for the advnace of new technologies that will improve the human condition and protect our environment. I wish God’s blessings on all. George W. Bush.” — Stolberg