This Week In Pool Reports

Last week in Africa, it was all Baker all the time.

  • “Many, many apologies for the problems getting pool reports out of Benin. Your pooler seems to have finally lost those last brain cells still desperately hanging on.” — Peter Baker, The Washington Post

  • “One last thing from earlier — the Benin leaders told POTUS that are designating October 10 as George W. Bush Day for promoting malaria awareness, apparently commemorating the day the program director first visited, according to Dana Perino. Mark your calendars!” — Baker

  • “The two presidents and their parties entered the airport building for a ceremony where POTUS was presented with the Grand Cross of the National Order of Benin. President Yayi, speaking in French, hailed POTUS for his ‘many initiatives for the benefit of the continent of Africa’ and went through the various aid programs. He called POTUS’s visit ‘an act of love’ for Benin, its people and its democracy. At one point, a mobile phone went off and POTUS’s eyes scanned the room trying to locate the source, without apparent success. He did not look amused. But he was otherwise in good spirits and seemed to be enjoying himself as Yayi draped the medal with a long, thick maroon sash over his neck. The two hugged and bobbed heads as if air kissing several times.” — Baker

  • “A Beninese woman then pinned another decoration to POTUS’s suit and as she began to put a pin with the national symbol on his coat as well, he joked, ‘Careful!’ POTUS then hugged FLOTUS and Benin’s first lady, in a flowing light dress with purple, blue and gold patterns, awkwardly reached out across the Americans to shake her husband’s hand. Yayi laughed and pulled her over to kiss her on the cheek but in the process knocked one of the decorations off POTUS’s coat. He reached down to pick it up and quipped, ‘You gave her such a big kiss my medal fell off.'” — Baker