This Week In Pool Reports

It seems sometimes, there really is nothing exciting to report from the pool, except when POTUS and a Prime Minister dress alike.

  • “You might think that being leader of the free world means never having to sit in traffic but you would be wrong. A short construction-related traffic delay on New York Avenue briefly slowed what was an otherwise uneventful trip to the Secret Service training facility in Beltsville, for what we’re told was some bike riding by President George W. Bush.” — Craig Gordon, Newsday

  • “Unfortunately, your pooler has nothing terribly interesting to report. The room had been well prepared for a brief, 30-second tour by a group of reporters. A text display near the ceiling had been set to read ‘unclassified.’ The huge video monitors displayed the public Web sites of the NSA, DHS and other agencies. Digital clocks showed time for Hawaii, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Kabul, Zulu, Local and…I can’t read my notes for the last one. It might have said Baghdad. Cameras were allowed in, but, for some reason, no sound recording equipment.” — Sean Musseden, Media General News Service

  • “Standard drill: President in arm chair; PM to his right in similar arm char. Both in dark blue/gray suits; white shirts, nearly identical blue ties.” — Jim Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times

  • “During flight, the VP, sometimes aka senior administration official, completely missed an oportunity to yuk it up with the pool, But we did eat light salads — avocado, ham, turkey and blue cheese chunks served on a bed of lettuce with hard-boiled egg slices — and garlic rolls en route.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune