This Week In Pool Reports

Pres. Bush goes back to school, the term “financial literacy” seems like an oxy-moron to us and POTUS does not wear pink.

  • “Pool held only 30 minutes at the New York diner before being hustled into the vans because POTUS was planning to duck out of the fundraiser early. Then the pool waited in the vans for a full hour, suggesting POTUS may have found it harder to escape than anticipated.” — Peter Baker, Washington Post

  • “When POTUS came in with Rangel and Spellings, he asked the students what they were studying. They told him. ‘And so what did you learn about volcanoes today?’ he asked, leaning in to hear a softspoken boy answer. ‘Does anybody like science?’ POTUS asked. Every hand went up. ‘Must have a good teacher,’ POTUS said. Rangel said, ‘Let’s hear it for the teacher.’ Then POTUS asked, ‘Anybody here going to college?’ Every hand went up again. ‘Let’s hear it for the students,’ Rangel said.” –- Baker

  • “The president made brief remarks at 4:10 pm following his 3:15 pm meeting on financial literacy with cabinet members and private sector representatives in the Roosevelt Room. He said that it was in the country’s interest that people from all neighborhoods and walks of life understood financial literacy. He also said that many people who hoped to realize their dreams in the United States would not be able to without financial literacy.” — Louise Radnofsky, Newsday

  • “Potus got a couple of laughs: When he spoke about FLOTUS’ work on the issue and cracked that she had even managed to get him to wear pink (he had hints of pink in the stripes of his red tie); When he complimented Mikulski by providing a humorous pause when he said ‘When you get on an issue…you get things done,’ and when he recited the long name of the bill. Ceremony was over by 10:38 and POTUS was on his way to Michigan event.” — Jim Rutenberg, New York Times

  • Dana informs me that I had seen phantom hints of pink in the stripes of the president’s tie. Per Dana, ‘the president’s tie is maroon with orange stripes,’ in honor of Virginia Polytechnic Institute.” — Rutenberg