This Week In Pool Reports

In this week’s episode, the First Dogs frolicked in the snow, Obama wins the little discussed playgroud primary and President Bush loves teasing the poolers.

  • “The pool enjoyed a brief respite from the icy weather when we walked through the White House to the motorcade past a small fragment of spring: dozens of daffodils in tubs awaiting planting. Back into the cold: In the Rose Garden, there was evidence of the First Dogs frolicking in the snow,(pawprints, not yellow snow). But clearly the icy grounds were considered too much for their delicate paws, as in front of the White House there was a specially plowed 20 foot area for them.” — Caroline Daniel, Financial Times

  • The following exchange was overheard by another pooler, between younger boys at the first table, as the president schmoozed elsewhere. Sorry, names weren’t collected.
    1st kid: ‘He’s my favorite president.’ (referring to Bush)
    2d kid: ‘My favorite president is President Obama.’
    1st kid: ‘Who’s that?’
    2d kid: ‘He’s the first black president.’
    Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News

  • Last note: As we were ushered out of the Oval, Bush took note of New York Times’ photographer Doug Mills’ dome. ‘May I suggest a hat on your bald head?’ Bush joked. ‘He always gives me grief when I don’t have a hat on,’ said Mills. He showed Bush he indeed had a fleece cap; Mills just wasn’t wearing it inside the Oval. ‘Every president since Reagan has made a comment about his bald head,’ mused fellow AP shooter Ron Edmonds.” — Tara Copp, Austin American-Statesman

  • “A day after Barack Obama launched his presidential campaign invoking Abraham Lincoln, President Bush toasted ‘the incredible life of the man who saved the union.’ The occasion was a black-tie dinner in the White House’s State Dining Room marking the Ford’s Theatre’s celebration of the 198th anniversary of nation’s 16th president.” — Finlay Lewis, Copley