Think Cards, Pink Shirt


The session was packed. Packed like we’ve never seen a design conference session packed before. They were here to see the pink-shirted, pink card-carrying Andy Stefanovich, a wise choice for the post-breakfast digestion slot. As the super-dynamic proprietor of Play, an “innovation and creativity company” in Richmond and Mexico City, Stefanovich must hold the best client meetings of all time.

The pink cards are Think Cards, notes on life and creativity he’s collected throughout the years. Some of these are reproduced for attendees in the resource book–a binder with outlines, notes and information from every speaker, and a great idea that we haven’t seen at conferences before.

Stefanovich’s Think Card highlights:

– Sincerity is the new irony.
– The way you work today does not have to be the way you work tomorrow.
– The importance of something is based on the clarity in front and the passion behind.
– Remember we’re all part of the same thing.