The White House is Offline and Can’t Receive Messages Right Now Because this Chat is Off the Record

aim-delete-screenname-mac.pngIt looks like this may turn out to be the Internet presidency for everyone but the people running it. Ben Smith is reporting that Barack Obama’s White House staff has been informed they will have to give up instant messaging once they enter the White House. Turns out that much like Obama’s Blackberry Google Chat and AIM create too many legal issues to be practical. Smith points out this is also a hindrance to reporters who’ve come to rely on IM as a way to communicate with the campaign staff.

And it gets worse: “Lawyers had warned that, along with Instant Messaging, White House software will restrict users to a range of sites roughly “like your average grade school.” So basically John McCains’s knowledge, or lack thereof, of The Google really didn’t matter all that much at all. Fortunately we suffer no such restrictions! In light of that a few of our favorite twitters from the last twelve hours after the jump.