The week in alternative weeklies

-In a fascinating LA Weekly cover story, Paul Cullum investigates the case of Eric Red, the horror movie writer-director who… well, I can’t figure out how to finish that sentence without ending up being worried I’ll get sued. Ah, the ellipsis, friend of the cowardly blogger. If you only read one LA Weekly feature this year, read this one. It’s good.

LA Citybeat has a cover story about, well, frankly I’m not sure what it’s about and I’ve read it twice. I think it’s suggesting that MySpace pages are an exciting new literary form.

-Quote of the week, from the Singles column in the Jewish Journal, about the Jewish party circuit: “Among the short, the dark-haired, the rhythmically challenged, I might rate a 9, as opposed to a mere 6 among the Amazonians of Shiksaville.”