The Struggle to Stick with LEED Certification After the Good Will Buzz Dissipates


Remember those halcyon days before the economy crumbled when we were all concerned about the planet and how we were going to save it? There was that former president guy who was warning us all about impending doom? Such innocent times. Though that’s not to say that greening will forever be a memory, as there’s been some high-profile movements toward sustainable, particularly with LEED certification. We’ve seen Starbucks go crazy for LEED, pizza parlors getting LEEDed up, and even a race across the country to get varying levels of higher and higher LEEDness in the supermarket business. Unfortunately, for all the momentum, it’s not enough to just get the certification and then go on your way. Once you’ve made the commitment, you have to stick with it, which isn’t something all companies are doing all that well according to this piece in the NY Times which documents some of the issues, as well as the changes the government has planned for the certification system. But where there are failings, there are often opportunities, as we find in Atlanta with Energy Ace, a consulting firm that’s just sprung up to aid companies in keeping on track with their LEEDy promises, from the initial building and into the regular, day-to-day operations. In short, you’ll have your accounting people making sure you’re doing right by the SEC and then you’ll have consultants like Energy Ace, making sure you’re keeping the earth happy (and making sure you don’t look like a lout for backpeddling after you’ve shown off how great you are for getting the certification in the first place).