The Revolving Door

Some recent movements:

  • Rachel Barth has replaced Hank Wilson as assistant managing editor at The Washington Examiner. Wilson, who spent six months at the Examiner, is heading to the Newport News Daily Press to redesign the paper. Barth is a longtime pagnation desk chief.

  • Howard Parnell, managing editor at, ends his tenure today. He’s been there more than 5 years and is departing for non-journalistic endeavors.

  • CQ’s Isaiah Poole is leaving CQ to become a senior editor of, a project of the Institute for America’s Future.

  • The Washington Times’ Guy Taylor has left the paper to
    freelance in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria this summer with
    an award from The Stanley Foundation.

  • Eva M. Rodriguez is leaving the New York Times’ Washington bureau to become BusinessWeek’s new Washington bureau chief (replacing Lee Walczak)